The Business Innovation Facility

We work across Malawi, Myanmar and Nigeria to make markets more inclusive and generate increased incomes for the poor, whether producers, consumers or employees.

Where we work

The Business Innovation Facility (BIF) is currently working in multiple markets across three countries - Malawi, Myanmar and Nigeria - as well as embarking on a new 'company led' expansion globally.

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Shwedagon Pagoda

Consultation on tourist guiding in Myanmar: towards a policy change

Stakeholders are calling for change in Myanmar’s Tourist Guiding industry to improve the quality and availability of guiding services.

Tourism Product & Package Innovation Competition

Stimulating the creation of innovative and inclusive tourism products and packages in Myanmar, to increase the competitiveness of national tour operators.

Strengthening relationships between Myanmar garment factories and buyers

Facilitating relationships to improve labour standards and develop specialised services to support industry development and growth.
I realise that if I change my behaviour and take the time to show others HOW to do things, I can get better results.

Garment Factory Training Participant, Myanmar


How to Note - Learning by numbers: BIF insights on data collection in market systems programmes

Managing and measuring market systems programme interventions requires data from partner companies. This How to Note explores how and why.

BIF How to Note - Building strong foundations: Effective partnering between companies and market systems programmes

Strong working relationships between and market systems programmes are essential to the success of any such programme. Working together to achieve tangible and robust change is a fundamental stepping stone to facilitating sustainable change across a market system. This How to Note explores how and why.

BIF How to Note - Finding common ground: How companies and market system programmes engage effectivley?

Market systems programmes and companies need to identify common goals in order to be able to engage with each other. This How to Note explores how and why.

Regional Rice Export Market Research Report

This reports analyses potential markets for Malawi rice in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Aftrica.

Bamboo Market Analysis and Strategy

The following report outlines BIF's market analysis and strategy for the bamboo market in Myanmar, February 2016.

Household solar business dialogue forum report

This Summary Report captures the key discussions at business dialogue forum in June 2016.

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