Consultation on tourist guiding in Myanmar: towards a policy change

Stakeholders are calling for change in Myanmar’s Tourist Guiding industry to improve the quality and availability of guiding services.

Tourist guiding is fundamental to supporting the growth of the tourism industry in Myanmar. An increasing number of tourists visiting the country has resulted in a stronger demand for skilled guides in both existing and emerging destinations. Good tourist guides are an essential component of many tourism products that benefit low-income people, because they allow tour operators to reach local communities that they wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. Good tourist guides are also important in facilitating responsible and respectful engagement between low-income people and visitors.


How BIF is catalysing change

Through rigorous market analysis BIF identified that a lack of qualified tourist guides acts as a barrier to the development of destinations and also hinders tour operators successfully implementing inclusive tourism products. Having identified this, BIF conducted detailed research into tourist guiding in Myanmar and, with the support of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MoHT), presented the findings and recommendations to key stakeholders in the tourism industry on the 15th August 2015.

Participants in the consultation included representatives from the MoHT, tourism industry associations such as the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA) and the Myanmar Tourist Guides Association (MTGA), private sector stakeholders and other development partners. The consultation process saw the group reach a consensus on the goals and intervention areas that need to be addressed as part of an industry-led reform process.


What next?

Inputs from the Minister, along with the decisions reached through the consultation process, fed into the drafting of a Policy Framework for the Myanmar Tourist Guide Sector. The Framework sets out the reform process, outcomes and resources required for change, and will be used as a road map to shape the future of tourist guiding in Myanmar. It is hoped that the framework will also be adopted as part of MoHT’s forthcoming Tourism Human Resource Development strategy.


Project Details

Low-income focus
Revenue model
Supporting private sector led tour guide training


Terms of Reference: Learning Consultant, Tourism Market

BIF Myanmar is looking for a Learning Consultant to support the programme to learn from its work to date in the tourism market.

Terms of Reference: Learning Consultant, Garment and Bamboo Markets

BIF Myanmar is looking for a Learning Consultant to support the programme to learn from its work to date in the garment and bamboo markets.

Request for Proposals: 2019 Tourism Demand Survey

BIF Myanmar is seeking proposals for suppliers to design and undertake a survey focusing on demands and trends in the tourism market over the past five years in Myanmar. The survey findings will be used to support businesses to adapt and create new products that can respond to demand.

Terms of Reference: Sustainable Bamboo Forestry Specialist

BIF Myanmar is looking for a Sustainable Bamboo Forestry Specialist to deliver Farmer Field School training in Shan State and Yangon.

Myanmar’s Tour Guide Industry: Opportunities for Tourism-Led Poverty Reduction

This report investigates and maps the current tour guide situation in Myanmar. Capacity issues, gaps, strengths, challenges and opportunities are identified and market change for the poor is discussed with examples of how tourism can produce direct, indirect and dynamic effects.


BIF is recruiting a Market Lead to join the Kenya Tea Swaps Project team. The project focus is on designing and piloting the use of swaps as a mechanism to purchase tea at the Mombasa auction. The market lead would be responsible for running campaigns to identify and communicate with key stakeholders in the tea industry to ensure that they are bought-in to the concept of tea swaps.

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