BIF Projects

Unilever Bright Network, Ethiopia

Building a network of thousands of women entrepreneurs through assessing barriers to cost-effective rural product penetration and understanding community buying patterns.

Patient Pathway Analytics and Innovation Platform

Helping healthcare service providers in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) to reduce the cost of care delivery and enable healthcare resources to reach greater numbers of patients.

Project Trado

A consortium of major corporates, banks and start-ups is testing whether blockchain and other technologies can help unlock financial incentives that reward sustainability in supply chains.

Pearson Boost

This service in South Africa aims to address the unemployment challenge for low-income youth, while making recruitment of high-quality candidates more efficient for potential employers.

Remittances for Affordable Housing

14Trees brings low-carbon, low-cost housing materials to developing countries. The project aims to benefit tens of thousands of families through access to affordable housing and construction jobs.

Project Wezesha

Working to improve the livelihoods of low-income fishing families in Kenya by providing a cold chain powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

GAIN Nutrition 4 Zambia

The GAIN partners are co-developing a long-life (UHT), dairy-based drink for children and women in Zambia.

Ericsson Weather Data Rwanda

Monitoring rainfall, in real time, by using existing microwave links in the telecommunication network.


Terms of Reference: Design Consultant

BIF Myanmar is looking for a Design Consultant to review and update some existing marketing materials in the tourism market.

Terms of Reference: Productivity, HR and Compliance Specialists

BIF Myanmar is recruiting Productivity, HR and Compliance Specialists to provide technical assistance to local factory service providers in the garments market.

Myanmar’s Tour Guide Industry: Opportunities for Tourism-Led Poverty Reduction

This report investigates and maps the current tour guide situation in Myanmar. Capacity issues, gaps, strengths, challenges and opportunities are identified and market change for the poor is discussed with examples of how tourism can produce direct, indirect and dynamic effects.


BIF is recruiting a Market Lead to join the Kenya Tea Swaps Project team. The project focus is on designing and piloting the use of swaps as a mechanism to purchase tea at the Mombasa auction. The market lead would be responsible for running campaigns to identify and communicate with key stakeholders in the tea industry to ensure that they are bought-in to the concept of tea swaps.

Terms of Reference: Garment Market Coordinator

BIF Myanmar is recruiting a Garment Market Coordinator to join the team improving working conditions and productivity in Myanmar's garment factories.

Terms of Reference: High-Value Agriculture Finance Lead

BIF is recruiting a HVA Finance Lead to work alongside the HVA Technical Lead and BIF Kenya team; responsible for providing technical expertise on financing for agricultural supply chains.

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