Myanmar’s Tour Guide Industry: Opportunities for Tourism-Led Poverty Reduction

This report investigates and maps the current tour guide situation in Myanmar. Capacity issues, gaps, strengths, challenges and opportunities are identified and market change for the poor is discussed with examples of how tourism can produce direct, indirect and dynamic effects.

Assessment of the Malting Barley Market System in Ethiopia

BIF undertook a 'rapid' assessment of the malting barley market in Ethiopia to identify areas of under-performance that constrain smallholder farmers' benefits from the market and that can be addressed through private sector investment.

Bamboo Market Analysis and Strategy

The following report outlines BIF's market analysis and strategy for the bamboo market in Myanmar, February 2016.

Tourism Market Analysis and Strategy

The following report outlines BIF's market analysis and strategy for the tourism market in Myanmar, September 2016.

Garments Market Analysis and Strategy

This report outlines BIF's market analysis and strategy for the garments market in Myanmar, September 2016.

Bamboo Sector Competitiveness Study

An analysis of Myanmar’s comparative and competitive advantage on the international market for high-value addition processed and manufactured bamboo. This study also examines how different business models could contribute to poverty reduction and to what extent.

Bamboo Sector Political Economy Analysis

This report aims to provide an understanding and analysis of political and economic constraints and opportunities for change, leading to recommendations for operational delivery objectives as part of BIF’s bamboo market strategy. It provides an overview of the bamboo sector including key stakeholders, relevant aspects of legislation and policy, the informal ‘rules of the game’, and conflict sensitivity risks.

Facilitating Systemic Change in Malawi's Pico Solar Products Market

An in-depth look at the Pico Solar Products market in Malawi, and the key constraints that BIF aims to address.

Pico Solar Product Grey Market Research

In June 2014 BIF completed a survey of retail outlets across Malawi to investigate the scale and performance of the pico solar product “grey market”. The grey market is defined as PSPs that have not met national or international product quality standards.
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