Regional Rice Export Market Research

This report analyses the regional rice export market for Malawi.

MEGA: A commercial approach to off-grid power in rural Malawi

The first light bulb was lit at Lower Bondo on Mulanje Mountain in mid-2013, generated by a micro-hydro power scheme operated by MEGA, Malawi’s first operational private energy company. Read about MEGA’s journey to find a commercial yet affordable energy solution for rural households, with ambition to scale across other off-grid communities.

Commercialising cassava: New opportunities for Universal Industries and Malawian smallholders

The crop is low-value, farmers lack links to formal markets, processing needs to happen 48 hours post-harvest, partnerships need improvement, and a viable production line depends on high consistent volumes. Read how and why Universal Industries, a Malawian snacks manufacturer, is tackling such challenges and has operationalised a new factory and smallholder sourcing model for cassava.

Small & Medium Enterprise Development Initiative (SMEDI)

Workshop- for the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute (SMEDI) to enhance the understanding of the MSME sector stakeholders on SMEDI’s role in fostering private sector development.

Pheks Investment

Pheks aimed to expand their paper recycling operation, sourcing waste paper from local companies and making egg boxes which it sells to large chicken / egg businesses.

Rice Milling Company

A feasibility study was conducted for Rice Milling Company, a Malawian family agro-processing business, to assess the potential and modalities of buying their paddy directly from smallholder farmers.

Kulima Gold

Warehouse receipts- In order to leverage the reach of their Kulima Gold shops for the ACE warehouse receipt system in Malawi, Rabs Processors trialed the system with five of their shops.

Charles Stewart

Charles Stewart is a Malawian chicken business that has recently been testing a “rocket furnace” heating system for their chicken brooders, a technology developed by Clioma Consulting.

Partnerships for inclusive business

Workshop- The project delivered two workshop events to facilitate partnering for inclusive business amongst NGOs and the private sector.

Milk Mantra

Milk Mantra aimed to explore the idea of community-managed bulk milk coolers (BMCs). These enabled the farming community to gain access to government and private dairy support schemes.