BIF Pilot Projects


This project aimed to provide technical support to Mikamashi in its conversion of farm waste into cooking briquettes, as a more environmentally friendly fuel alternative to wood.


This workshop targeted high-level decision makers from companies in Zambia to conduct partnership broker training and a seminar on the business case for partnering.

Livestock Centre of Excellence

Delivering a business plan for a group of agribusinesses in the beef, dairy, poultry, pork and aquaculture sectors, for setting up a livestock centre of excellence that will train small-scale farmers.

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN)

PIN connects Nigerian youths living in low-income areas with ICT-enabled opportunities. It provides free training in Microsoft Office Suite through workshops for an average capacity of 20 students.

Pheks Investment

Pheks aimed to expand their paper recycling operation, sourcing waste paper from local companies and making egg boxes which it sells to large chicken / egg businesses.

Small & Medium Enterprise Development Initiative (SMEDI)

Workshop- for the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute (SMEDI) to enhance the understanding of the MSME sector stakeholders on SMEDI’s role in fostering private sector development.


Building on ARK's investments in dysentery control in Zambia to investigate the role of the private sector in improving supply of and demand for essential health commodities.

Social Impact Measurement

This workshop targeted businesses and social enterprises interested in assessing their social return, highlighted approaches that companies can use to measure social impact.

Folowayio Farms

This project aimed to broker partnerships between Folawiyo Farm and experts in business and technical development to build the capacity of rural poultry farmers


MitiMeth works within riparian and lakeside communities to transform water hyacinth into a valuable consumer product, which can be woven by local artisans into craft goods.