BIF Pilot Projects

Pran Agro Business Limited

Pran aims to introduce cassava cultivation to women producing ginger and turmeric in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, to produce glucose and processed foods.

Shiblee Hatchery & Farms

Shiblee Hatchery & Farms Ltd aims to engage 100 landless families as fish farmers of cage-cultured tilapia, along the banks of the Adhamanki River.


Implementing a sustainable contract farming model that engages poor, landless farmers as maize producers.

Pabna Meat

Pabna Meat is introducing measures which will increase its capacity to process cattle and benefit local women who will be engaged as contractual suppliers.


As it expands, retail outlet chain Agora aims to build the capacity of small and medium fresh produce suppliers and develop robust supply chains.

Jita Rural Sales Programme, Bangladesh

The Jita programme has created a rural sales-force comprising women entrepreneurs or "Aparajitas", who sell consumer goods in their communities.

ERAS Phosholer Pran

This project aims to increase the incidence of soil testing at the village level through sales of soil testing kits to smallholders to increase their harvests and produce higher quality crops.