BIF Pilot Projects

L & Z Integrated Farms

L & Z aims to increase smallholder sourcing at premium prices, develop an outgrower-scheme & sell dairy products to the BoP through a distribution network of local entrepreneurs

Dala Foods Nigeria Ltd

Dala Foods aims to market an instant, powdered version of a nutritious indigenous drink popular amongst low-income consumers in Nigeria.

Teragro Commodities Limited

Teragro aims to source the fruit required for its fruit juice concentrate processing plant from local smallholders.

Guinness Nigeria

Guinness is developing a sustainable value chain through partnerships with millers and local producers of sorghum, cassava and maize.

Stanbic Bank

A farmer finance and credit scheme that aims to reach five million farmers in five years.

Sokoa, Furniture Village

This ventre will set up a local furniture manufacturing cluster with workshop units, factory spaces, as well as retail units in one place.


This project provides low income households with affordable and clean cooking fuels through light-weight (LPG) cylinders with an integrated cooking ring.

AACE Foods

AACE processes, packages and distributes locally sourced food products such as jams, spreads and spices for commercial and retail customers in Nigeria.


Building on their existing product solutions that offer off-grid portable lighting, d.Light plans to pilot a new solar product targeting low-income households based on innovative consumer-financing.