BIF Pilot Projects

Copperbelt Energy Corporation

CEC aims to expand its biofuel production by including producers of jatropha, castor and other oil seeds into its supply chain.

Shiblee Hatchery & Farms

Shiblee Hatchery & Farms Ltd aims to engage 100 landless families as fish farmers of cage-cultured tilapia, along the banks of the Adhamanki River.

Stanbic Bank

A farmer finance and credit scheme that aims to reach five million farmers in five years.


Implementing a sustainable contract farming model that engages poor, landless farmers as maize producers.

Guinness Nigeria

Guinness is developing a sustainable value chain through partnerships with millers and local producers of sorghum, cassava and maize.

Pabna Meat

Pabna Meat is introducing measures which will increase its capacity to process cattle and benefit local women who will be engaged as contractual suppliers.


MEGA aims to bring locally-generated electricity to Malawian communities through micro-hydro power using water from the Lichenya River flowing down Mt Mulanje.

Universal Industries

This project aims to develop a business model for the production of high quality cassava flour for use in Universal's own products and for sale as a substitute to starch.

Malawi Mangoes

This venture plans to implement the first large-scale fruit processing plant in Malawi to convert mangoes and bananas into fruit pulp for export.

Saraplast, 3S SHRAMIK

This inclusive business venture aims to provide access to sustainable sanitation and waste management in urban slum settlements across India.