BIF Pilot Projects


This initiative aims to distribute agricultural inputs, expert advice, warehousing and future pricing information to farmers by partnering with the Postal service.

Sylva Foods

Sylva Foods aims to grow demand for traditional foods and beverages such as dried meat and cassava based on an inclusive local sourcing model.

Sokoa, Furniture Village

This ventre will set up a local furniture manufacturing cluster with workshop units, factory spaces, as well as retail units in one place.


As it expands, retail outlet chain Agora aims to build the capacity of small and medium fresh produce suppliers and develop robust supply chains.

Tata Tannery

Tata processes raw hide sourced from small-scale cattle farmers for export. This venture aims to develop a sustainable supply strategy for leather production.

One Family Health

One Family Health will establish a network of clinics providing healthcare services to the poor in rural, slum and peri-urban areas of Zambia.

AACE Foods

AACE processes, packages and distributes locally sourced food products such as jams, spreads and spices for commercial and retail customers in Nigeria.


Building on their existing product solutions that offer off-grid portable lighting, d.Light plans to pilot a new solar product targeting low-income households based on innovative consumer-financing.

ERAS Phosholer Pran

This project aims to increase the incidence of soil testing at the village level through sales of soil testing kits to smallholders to increase their harvests and produce higher quality crops.

Jita Rural Sales Programme, Bangladesh

The Jita programme has created a rural sales-force comprising women entrepreneurs or "Aparajitas", who sell consumer goods in their communities.