BIF Pilot Projects

Malawi Mangoes

This venture plans to implement the first large-scale fruit processing plant in Malawi to convert mangoes and bananas into fruit pulp for export.

Sylva Foods

Sylva Foods aims to grow demand for traditional foods and beverages such as dried meat and cassava based on an inclusive local sourcing model.


As it expands, retail outlet chain Agora aims to build the capacity of small and medium fresh produce suppliers and develop robust supply chains.

Tata Tannery

Tata processes raw hide sourced from small-scale cattle farmers for export. This venture aims to develop a sustainable supply strategy for leather production.

AACE Foods

AACE processes, packages and distributes locally sourced food products such as jams, spreads and spices for commercial and retail customers in Nigeria.

AfriNut, pro-poor peanut processing in Malawi

AfriNut is an inclusive pro-poor peanut processing business which aims to process Malawian groundnuts for sale on domestic and regional markets.