BIF Pilot Projects

L & Z Integrated Farms

L & Z aims to increase smallholder sourcing at premium prices, develop an outgrower-scheme & sell dairy products to the BoP through a distribution network of local entrepreneurs

Dala Foods Nigeria Ltd

Dala Foods aims to market an instant, powdered version of a nutritious indigenous drink popular amongst low-income consumers in Nigeria.

Lafarge Cement Zambia

Lafarge aims to address the large deficit in affordable housing for medium to low-income Zambian families and establish itself as a key provider of building solutions.

Pran Agro Business Limited

Pran aims to introduce cassava cultivation to women producing ginger and turmeric in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, to produce glucose and processed foods.

Teragro Commodities Limited

Teragro aims to source the fruit required for its fruit juice concentrate processing plant from local smallholders.

Sun International

Sun International Hotels aims to develop climate-resilience amongst the four hundred farmers engaged in its local fruit and vegetable sourcing programme.

Copperbelt Energy Corporation

CEC aims to expand its biofuel production by including producers of jatropha, castor and other oil seeds into its supply chain.

Cropserve Zambia Ltd

Cropserve’s inclusive business project aims to develop an effective and sustainable distribution model to supply the small scale farmer segment with affordable and high quality agro inputs.


Waterlife India aims to develop an end-to-end system for water management, that will increase the distribution of clean and affordable water to low-income areas in India.

Barrick Lumwana Mining

The LCD programme aims to increase the amount of goods and services procured from local mining industry suppliers, as well as training and building in-country capacity.