BIF Pilot Projects

Access to finance

Landscape study- This project identified all the opportunities for funding that inclusive businesses could access in Bangladesh and compiled them into a usable map.


Agribusiness supply chain conference- This conference focused on building and managing strong supply chains in the agribusiness sector.

Mitsubishi Corporation

Market research for Furikake- In this project, the Facility assisted Mitsubishi with market research to test the likelihood of the Furikake food supplement being accepted.

Marks & Spencer

The Business Innovation Facility conducted an impact assessment study of the EMF pilot so that the commercial and socio-economic aspects of the project could be better understood.

FSB, Amar Desh

This project aims to help FSB develop an accounting system to analyse their financial performance over the last three years. This will facilitate a review of their business model.

Innovation workshop

To foster successful partnerships, this project delivered a Private Sector Engagement Strategy Workshop with several prominent NGOs wanting to engage with businesses.


This customised package set out 'how to' guidelines that fitted the needs of other retail SMEs and developed them into training courses and implementation plans.

ACI Agribusiness

BIF facilitated a workshop bringing together 20 managers from different parts of the division to brainstorm an integrated approach to working with smallholder farmers.