BIF Pilot Projects


This project aimed to provide technical support to Mikamashi in its conversion of farm waste into cooking briquettes, as a more environmentally friendly fuel alternative to wood.

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN)

PIN connects Nigerian youths living in low-income areas with ICT-enabled opportunities. It provides free training in Microsoft Office Suite through workshops for an average capacity of 20 students.

Social Impact Measurement

This workshop targeted businesses and social enterprises interested in assessing their social return, highlighted approaches that companies can use to measure social impact.

Folowayio Farms

This project aimed to broker partnerships between Folawiyo Farm and experts in business and technical development to build the capacity of rural poultry farmers


MitiMeth works within riparian and lakeside communities to transform water hyacinth into a valuable consumer product, which can be woven by local artisans into craft goods.

Guinness Nigeria

Inclusive business strategy- This project aimed to help Guinness identify the key elements of a strategy for stakeholder partnerships so that core business activities have greater social impact.


Sabeanat aimed to expand its distribution of milk and margarine products across Nigeria, by engaging low income people as micro-distributors.


This project provided consultancy support for Abira to develop a business framework through which it carried out its support to agribusinesses.

Beekeeping Extension Society

This venture developed a sustainable business model for a programme originally set up as a non-profit to help rural beekeepers increase honey yields through training.


This project aimed to help raise standards and practices in the Nigerian construction industry to attract larger projects and improve the standard of living of local artisans.