BIF Pilot Projects


Building on ARK's investments in dysentery control in Zambia to investigate the role of the private sector in improving supply of and demand for essential health commodities.

Guinness Nigeria

Inclusive business strategy- This project aimed to help Guinness identify the key elements of a strategy for stakeholder partnerships so that core business activities have greater social impact.


Sabeanat aimed to expand its distribution of milk and margarine products across Nigeria, by engaging low income people as micro-distributors.


This project provided consultancy support for Abira to develop a business framework through which it carried out its support to agribusinesses.

Onward Paper Mill

Onward developed a franchised notebook distribution system in which retail branded kiosks will sell notebooks and related products to local communities.

Beekeeping Extension Society

This venture developed a sustainable business model for a programme originally set up as a non-profit to help rural beekeepers increase honey yields through training.

Rice Milling Company

A feasibility study was conducted for Rice Milling Company, a Malawian family agro-processing business, to assess the potential and modalities of buying their paddy directly from smallholder farmers.


This project aimed to help raise standards and practices in the Nigerian construction industry to attract larger projects and improve the standard of living of local artisans.

Partnerships for inclusive business

Workshop- The project delivered two workshop events to facilitate partnering for inclusive business amongst NGOs and the private sector.

Charles Stewart

Charles Stewart is a Malawian chicken business that has recently been testing a “rocket furnace” heating system for their chicken brooders, a technology developed by Clioma Consulting.