BIF Pilot Projects

Kulima Gold

Warehouse receipts- In order to leverage the reach of their Kulima Gold shops for the ACE warehouse receipt system in Malawi, Rabs Processors trialed the system with five of their shops.


Azure aimed to supply utilities, government and commercial customers with its solar energy services by setting up two solar photo-voltaic (SPV) systems in rural India.

Sun Hotels

Local meat sourcing strategy- Sun International aim to source meat for their restaurants from local livestock farmers, engaging them in their value chain.

Climate-smart business

Sankalp Forum 2012- The Business Innovation Facility ran a 'Climate smart business' workshop at the Sankalp Social Enterprise Forum to inform business about climate finance.

Milk Mantra

Milk Mantra aimed to explore the idea of community-managed bulk milk coolers (BMCs). These enabled the farming community to gain access to government and private dairy support schemes.

Aceso Healthcare Partners

Developing alternative models for the deployment of a medical diagnostics clinic that delivered value to its investors and sustainable social benefits to the surrounding community.

Better Cotton Initiative

Designing farmer KPIs- This project aimed to create a list of key farm-level indicators to measure sustainability and livelihood improvements for smallholder cotton farmers.

Moringa Miracles

Business planning- Developing a business plan to use innovative farming and processing techniques to commercially farm moringa leaf powder and press moringa oil.

Guinness Nigeria

Designing an inclusive business strategy- This short project provided Guinness with a roadmap and series of guidelines for the development of their supply chains.

Access to finance

Landscape study- This project identified all the opportunities for funding that inclusive businesses could access in Bangladesh and compiled them into a usable map.