BIF Pilot Projects

Climate-smart business

Workshop- This project delivered a workshop for a group of local businesses, to help them understand the impacts of climate change.

Nyama World

This project delivered a feasibility study examining the possibility of using the smallholder supply chain, working with local NGOs to improve livestock management and inputs.

Marks & Spencer

The Business Innovation Facility conducted an impact assessment study of the EMF pilot so that the commercial and socio-economic aspects of the project could be better understood.

Tree Crops Limited

TCL's project aimed to develop a business plan for the construction of a new factory to increase its capacity to process natural extracts for food and cosmetics.

Macadamia industry plan

This project supported two macadamia industry experts to develop an industry strategy which will be disseminated & discussed amongst stakeholders.

Nali chilli sauce

Started as a family business, it is now in the final stages of building a new factory that will allow it to increase production volumes and meet ISO and HACCP standards.

Global Tea & Commodities

GTC runs three processing sites for tea, coffee and macadamia nuts. This project aims to investigate potential for switching from diesel to renewable energy sources on these sites.

FSB, Amar Desh

This project aims to help FSB develop an accounting system to analyse their financial performance over the last three years. This will facilitate a review of their business model.

Innovation workshop

To foster successful partnerships, this project delivered a Private Sector Engagement Strategy Workshop with several prominent NGOs wanting to engage with businesses.


This customised package set out 'how to' guidelines that fitted the needs of other retail SMEs and developed them into training courses and implementation plans.