BIF Pilot Projects

Pheks Investment

Pheks aimed to expand their paper recycling operation, sourcing waste paper from local companies and making egg boxes which it sells to large chicken / egg businesses.


MitiMeth works within riparian and lakeside communities to transform water hyacinth into a valuable consumer product, which can be woven by local artisans into craft goods.


Business plan review- A Zambian company set up a peanut butter processing plant. This project developed the venture's business plan and mapped its development impacts.

EcoBricks, CCODE

The vision behind this project was to set up a viable brick production business, creating safe and permanent employment opportunities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Tree Crops Limited

TCL's project aimed to develop a business plan for the construction of a new factory to increase its capacity to process natural extracts for food and cosmetics.

Nali chilli sauce

Started as a family business, it is now in the final stages of building a new factory that will allow it to increase production volumes and meet ISO and HACCP standards.

Marks & Spencer

The Business Innovation Facility conducted an impact assessment study of the EMF pilot so that the commercial and socio-economic aspects of the project could be better understood.