BIF Pilot Projects


This workshop targeted high-level decision makers from companies in Zambia to conduct partnership broker training and a seminar on the business case for partnering.

Small & Medium Enterprise Development Initiative (SMEDI)

Workshop- for the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute (SMEDI) to enhance the understanding of the MSME sector stakeholders on SMEDI’s role in fostering private sector development.

Social Impact Measurement

This workshop targeted businesses and social enterprises interested in assessing their social return, highlighted approaches that companies can use to measure social impact.

Partnerships for inclusive business

Workshop- The project delivered two workshop events to facilitate partnering for inclusive business amongst NGOs and the private sector.

Mitsubishi Corporation

Market research for Furikake- In this project, the Facility assisted Mitsubishi with market research to test the likelihood of the Furikake food supplement being accepted.

Marks & Spencer

The Business Innovation Facility conducted an impact assessment study of the EMF pilot so that the commercial and socio-economic aspects of the project could be better understood.

Innovation workshop

To foster successful partnerships, this project delivered a Private Sector Engagement Strategy Workshop with several prominent NGOs wanting to engage with businesses.