BIF Pilot Resources

MEGA: A commercial approach to off-grid power in rural Malawi

The first light bulb was lit at Lower Bondo on Mulanje Mountain in mid-2013, generated by a micro-hydro power scheme operated by MEGA, Malawi’s first operational private energy company. Read about MEGA’s journey to find a commercial yet affordable energy solution for rural households, with ambition to scale across other off-grid communities.

Commercialising cassava: New opportunities for Universal Industries and Malawian smallholders

The crop is low-value, farmers lack links to formal markets, processing needs to happen 48 hours post-harvest, partnerships need improvement, and a viable production line depends on high consistent volumes. Read how and why Universal Industries, a Malawian snacks manufacturer, is tackling such challenges and has operationalised a new factory and smallholder sourcing model for cassava.