BIF Pilot Resources

Checklist: Why go it alone?

How partnerships can help a company address constraints to inclusive business (July 2013)

Checklist: From farmer to supermarket

How can food producers sell to supermarkets? (August 2012)

Checklist: Developing a climate change strategy for business

How can I adapt my business to meet the challenges of climate change? (June 2012)

Checklist: Designing effective programmes for ethical supplier performance

Are you considering implementing a programme to improve social or environmental performance of your supply chain? (June 2012)

Checklist: Reaching the Rural Consumer

Is the village entrepreneur (VE) or local franchisee the right model for your initiative? (April 2012)

Checklist: Developing Inclusive Business

Is your company adequately prepared to develop an inclusive business model that will succeed? (June 2012)