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Over the last decade, many multinational corporations (MNCs) have attempted, and struggled, to scale and replicate inclusive business initiatives. In addition to many external market-based challenges, the research suggests that there are often internal constraints that inhibit uptake and internalisation of inclusive business models.

Inclusive Business Boost supports the development of knowledge products that aim to help MNCs identify and address these common internal constraints. To date, it has supported five unique pieces of research and analysis (outlined below).

Importantly, these reports are based on conversations and evidence from current cases and experiences from individuals from MNCs. They offer practical and realistic examples and recommendations. While here are five separate reports, they all address different aspects of the same set of challenges – so together they offer a comprehensive picture of how a MNC can create a positive environment for inclusive business to flourish. As well as reports, the outputs of this analysis include blogs, guidance and practical tools.

The reports are aimed at ‘doers’ within MNCs – entrepreneurs throughout the company, innovation leads and strategy teams. We also hope they will be of value to other people working across the ecosystem supporting inclusive business, such as donors, impact investors and financial institutions.


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Report Summaries

1. The Journey of Multinational Corporations to Inclusive Business

Developed by Hystra and drawn from its experience working directly with MNCs.

This work identifies the steps MNCs can take in order to maximise their chances of creating and bringing to scale inclusive businesses with sustainable impact. It is based on the analysis of the ‘first wave’ of activity by MNCs, over the last decade, to set up and scale inclusive business.

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2. The intrapreneurship ecosystem: Creating the conditions for social innovation to flourish in your company

Developed by Business Fights Poverty and League of Intrapreneurs and based on insights and information gathered from global workshops, online learning sprints and interviews with dozens of intrapreneurs, leaders and subject matter experts.

This report provides a framework for understanding the “Intrapreneurship Ecosystem” – the complex set of processes, practices, resources and relationships which collectively serve to facilitate or inhibit intrapreneurship and social innovation. It identifies four key components of the internal Intrapreneurship Ecosystem and explains the ways in which each element can either serve to help intrapreneurship to flourish, or hinder the process of innovative ideas being generated, developed and scaled. It also provides peer advice and examples on how to scale and systemise intrapreneurs’ insight, energy and ideas.

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3. Inclusive Business – Make or Buy: Corporate Impact Venturing at the Base of the Pyramid

Developed by Endeva and drawn from insights gathered from interviews conducted with eleven companies, four investees and nine experts

This report outlines the reasons why companies should consider buying inclusive businesses externally as an alternative to building them internally. It also describes ‘how to buy’ and who can provide support.

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4. Reimagining Inclusive Business

Developed by Accenture Development Partnership and based on a wide-ranging literature review, interviews with 30+ experts in business, finance, policy-making and academia and on a new evidence base of 300+ inclusive business examples. 

This report focuses on how the basic “meaning” of inclusive business has been transformed over the past decade – and why an increasingly diverse range of profitable new models and opportunities is opening up for companies in almost every industry as we move into the 2020s.

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5. Improving Inclusive Business Management Practices in Corporations

Developed by Business Call to Action and UNDP and drawn from a decade of experience engaging with companies implementing IB across sizes, sectors and regions. It includes insights from the latest State of IB Survey and interviews with executives from over 20 corporations across regions from June 2018 to January 2019.

This report looks at the constraints within MNCs that are preventing the uptake and internalisation of inclusive business models. It considers the internal barriers to scale and the specific management practices that MNCs adopt or develop for their inclusive business. It presents what it means to develop and tailor management practices to inclusive business, why it is important for the success of the inclusive business and how companies can improve and become leaders.

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