Regional Rice Export Market Research Report

This reports analyses potential markets for Malawi rice in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Aftrica.

Malawi off grid and phone charging survey

This report shows the survey results of household lighting technologies, habits and expenditure in Malawi.

Facilitating Systemic Change in Malawi's Pico Solar Products Market

An in-depth look at the Pico Solar Products market in Malawi, and the key constraints that BIF aims to address.

Pico Solar Products Malawi

This one-pager gives a brief overview of the Pico Solar Products market in Malawi and BIF's strategy for this market.

Pico Solar Product Grey Market Research

In June 2014 BIF completed a survey of retail outlets across Malawi to investigate the scale and performance of the pico solar product “grey market”. The grey market is defined as PSPs that have not met national or international product quality standards.

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