Inclusive Tourism Training 2015: Overview and Feedback

Outline of a five-day Inclusive Tourism Training programme run in Myanmar (May - June 2015), including participant feedback results.

Inclusive Business Tourism Training - Field Trip Planning & Delivery

This resource from BIF Myanmar explains the value of including a field trip in an inclusive business training programme in the tourism sector. The presentation documents planning and engagement activities, as well as the feedback received from participants.

Facilitating Systemic Change in Malawi's Pico Solar Products Market

An in-depth look at the Pico Solar Products market in Malawi, and the key constraints that BIF aims to address.

Pico Solar Products Malawi

This one-pager gives a brief overview of the Pico Solar Products market in Malawi and BIF's strategy for this market.

Pico Solar Product Grey Market Research

In June 2014 BIF completed a survey of retail outlets across Malawi to investigate the scale and performance of the pico solar product “grey market”. The grey market is defined as PSPs that have not met national or international product quality standards.

Guidelines for Market Selection, Diagnosis & Intervention Planning

This document provides detailed guidance on the Business Innovation Facility framework for selecting, analysing and building market intervention strategies. The guidance is useful to inform programme implementation and management.

BIF Monitoring & Evaluation Manual

This manual explains how and what will be: (i) monitored for BIF interventions and the programme as a whole to determine whether they are on track to achieving their intended results; and (ii) measured to estimate the impact and determine the effectiveness and sustainability of interventions.

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