Business Partnerships Fund

DFID believes that public-private sector partnerships can enable profitable solutions to some of the world’s biggest development challenges. The Business Partnerships Fund (BPF) is a new £5 million pilot fund that provides support to multinational companies to develop projects that generate commercial value whilst also improving the lives of the poor in developing countries.

The BPF has three main components:  

1. Core Fund

The Core Fund supports multinational companies to conduct commercial activity in a way that benefits poor people in developing countries. We co-finance projects that help multinational companies to overcome the barriers that they face when developing inclusive business models. Through this activity, we also support the development of a stronger service provider market.

More information on the Core Fund.


2. Inclusive Business Boost 

Inclusive Business Boost has commissioned five new pieces of research and analysis aimed at helping multinational companies (MNCs) understand and address the internal constraints that are preventing their inclusive business ventures from being successful. These reports will be released over the coming months, along with blogs and other web-based inputs from the report authors and other contributors.

More information on Inclusive Business Boost


3. DFID Support Service

The BPF also provides support to DFID to engage more effectively with multinational companies and build public-private partnerships. 


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